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Ritalin snorting bluelight

Snorting Ambien

Snorting Adderall The new iPad 拆机鉴赏 - 拆机 - XDA智能手机网
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Ritalin snorting bluelight

Ritalin snorting bluelight

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Snorting adderall

01.09.2008 ∑ Best Answer: Okay, so my experience comes from Adderall but its pretty close to Ritalin. Snorting will give you the same rush as if you had just shot up
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well, snorting anything isnt good for you, and perscription pills are not exception, particularly as they contain numerous extra ingrediants which would normally be
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Opinions: Snorting Ambien, A fun time or a bad time? I say a fun time most of the time just don't over do or drive a car.. lol
  • What happens when i snort ritalin?.

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