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V12 hydroplane team

Mercruiser High Performance indeed DID offer a V-12 for only one year. It was a 900ci 60 degree v-12 making 630hp and 800ft/lb with 6 2bbl carbs.

Fleetwood Country Cruize 2009: MISS.
  • BOATS from the 1970's - Belinda Lewis

  • when the flag drops, the bull…. Stops!!!!! *IT'S A BIG CAT ALRIGHT OWNER - driver Bert Braumann posed confidently in his boat Big Cat - and what
    This was filmed Saturday June 6, 2009 at the Fleetwood Country Cruize in London, Ontario *Yes i know i said Miss SpeedTest III, and that's not correct
    'Fearless Freddie' Fred Alter's Scrapbook Photos. We're excited to present this collection of photos loaned to us by "Fearless Freddie!"

    V12 hydroplane team

    V12 hydroplane team

    speed pass v12 on the lake - YouTube

    Miss B&I (1) / Fascination (1) / KOLroy I.

    RC Boat
    Chris Craft Fred Alter: Vintage Hydroplane Scrapbook.

    1956: U-88 Miss B & I (USA) Owner - Bob Gilliam (Tacoma, Wa.) Designer Builder - Bob Gilliam Length - 30ft Beam - 11ft 10in Hull - 3 point Detail - deep hull

    Fleetwood Country Cruize 2009: MISS.